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SAMARPAN is an organisation representing People With Disability (including both Intellectual and Physical) of Indian / South Asian background in New South Wales.

SAMARPAN started as an informal support group for families with children with disability in Sydney in 2002. It was the brain child of two mothers. It met for the first time in 2002 and was attended by 4 mothers and their families. Then by stop and start a group was formed in 2008 and finally SAMARPAN was registered as an association on 4 June 2012;

Samrpan has been awarded the NSW Carers Award for 2013.

Objectives of SAMARPAN:

1. To bring about and strengthen connections between persons with disability (PWD)

2. To foster and maintain relationships and friendships between PWD with a view to help them connect and overcome their isolation

3. To improve the quality of life of PWD by engaging in activities that promote their safety, well being and health.

4. To create opportunities for their economic, social and recreational participation.

5. To advocate for services that meet their need to connect, share, and maintain meaningful relationships over the lifespan of the PWD.

6. To represent and to be the voice of People With Disability in NSW in all relevant matters.

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